Tuesday, 28 February 2012

tattoo rv6- classmidex(colourfully dangerous)

created on feb 28 2012

the bloody cool classmidex will be remembered as my creation during the times of my lectures in college..........hope neend ki goli rip( sleeping pill is funny name of my faculty)

S.T.A.Y c.o.o.l


<<<<<<<<<LOVE ALL>>>>>>>>

circuitor- colourfully dangerous

the art is truly admirable how, perfectionists sketch it just like a real image........

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Saturday, 18 February 2012

tattoo rv2 - krying eYeZ

created on 2.01.2012

TE/-\ R5 are best way to f**k up bad memories of life

God gave us the tears to FLUSH away every extra waste from mind.........

s.t.a.y C.O.O.L
don't change, 
L.o.v.e all.

tattoo-a girl trying to survive- my first tattoo

created on 2.01.2012

tattoo is a form of body modification, design to develop a new and persona that can not be revealed through the speech. i am connected to tattoo designing because this is only thing i love to do whenever i am free doing nothing or rather I END UP CREATING A TATTOO WHILE I AM TRYING TO DO SOMETHING.

this is what led me to enter the world of blogging where i'll try to share as many tattoo  to  as possible and will try learn from other blogs also......