Nation is integration of each person's Contribution

An article in newspaper about how poor Nepalese girl reach from playfields  to brothels in india  at tender ages of 10-12 was touching, shocking and enlightening on how the life is so complex for some and so simple for others.

Life is beyond the situations involving simple decision making- its complexity gives it the reverence it enjoy among human being.

"Take it easy"-  it's a common connotation heard by everyone multiple times. But is it really possible? - Answer lies in the personal experience and situations that one deals with throughout their age and thats what makes the difference.

Take for instance-

1. Childhood- it's a beautiful experience that is commonly understood to be least stressed in one's lifetime. But is it so?
Yes, it is for those with normal situations with normal family, but equally and rather more stressful is the childhood of people, who are bullied; who were sold forcefully at such tender ages- and led a life of adults because they were th…

Creation of institution is the need of the nation

Creation of  institution is the need of the nation 

Institution- a collective effort to achieve a goal, which coincides with the larger goals of a nation. Network of institutions is what makes the growth and development in a nation more speedily achievable, visible and impactful.

Institutions indirectly achieves the welfaristic goals, which is expected as the job of the state.

When a businessman starts by opening a shop/factory, he is indirectly creating an institution that would be a base for next generation to build upon and in the meanwhile results in creation of jobs for unskilled workers and skilled workforce.

Also, when an entrepreneur thinks of creating an enterprise, it may be his personal desire to become rich, it but it is creation of an institution.

When a unskilled person becomes street hawker by selling merchandise, or placing a street eatery cart, indirectly it is the starting of an institution where in he will eventually become a businessman who would own the shop and b…

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